The Meanings of the Word Arcadia

The Greek word Arcadia comes from the root ar (αρ), ark (αρκ) and alk (αλκ), from where they are produced the verbs, ararisko (αραρίσκω): suit, provide, fix, prepare, compound and areego (αρήγω): assist, benefit, repel, I am useful, beneficial, and capable. From the above also the noun artos (άρτος): supply, preparation, and the verb alkeo (αλκέω): repulse, fend, assist, support. As well as the nouns alkar (αλκάρ): help, bastion, precaution, protection and alkie (αλκή): strength, courage, impetus, and alkas (αλκάς): brave, powerful, useful, ready, prepared, grounded.

About Us

Arcadia Consulting Ltd is an independent consulting firm that provides best in class business consulting services in all fields of Management, Operations and Engineering. Our services include but are not limited to: Leadership, Operations Design, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain & Logistics, Quality, IT, HR, Environment, Training & Development and Social Responsibility.


Be acknowledged by our clients as the consulting firm that best understands and satisfies their needs and expectations.


The provision of best in class, realistic “Turn Key Solutions” in the fields of Management, Operations and Engineering, that result in the performance optimization of our clients’ business activities.


Maintain a professional culture, which encourages creative and innovative thinking, to design and deliver the right realistic solutions, which make our clients capable of maximising the value of their business activities and reduce operational cost.


We want to live and work in a value-driven business environment where:

  • Communications are open, the fear of failure doesn’t exist and the people feel free to take risks, to share their  viewpoints and speak the truth. (Trust)
  • We focus on realising the full potential of each person, appreciate the unique qualities of individuals and the value of cultural and behavioral differences. (Respect)
  • We presume, and evidence it, that all associates have the ethical background to assume responsibilities and be the very best they can be. (Belief)
  • We always try to do the right thing, to be honest and straightforward with our clients, to operate within the letter and spirit of the law and to uphold the values and principles of Arcadia Consulting Ltd in every action and decision. (Integrity).
  • We ensure that information is accessible to only those authorized to have access and is protected throughout its lifecycle in accordance with our clients’ standards. (Confidentiality)